Departments Different teams all pulling in the same direction

There are no silos here. Whatever department you work in, we're all connected by our shared values and goals.

Our departments Find the right team for you

From being the face of the business in customer service to a number cruncher extraordinaire in finance, we have a huge range of departments and roles here at Prima.

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Customer Care

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Finance & Operations

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Legal & Compliance

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People & Culture

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Pricing & Underwriting

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Product Development

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Life and work at Prima Let’s make work, work for you

Life at Prima is about working with and learning from people who share your values and bring their own unique experiences and perspectives. It’s a melting pot where everyone grows and you can build a truly satisfying career being your absolute best.

Our values Five values, one team


We make it happen

We are persistent and resilient in reaching our goals. We measure ourselves against our achievements, outcomes and results. We are proud of our achievements, taking accountability for what we do.


We learn from our failures

We take calculated risk as a core ingredient of an innovative organisation. We accept failures as a possible outcome of bold initiatives. We feel safe in sharing our mistakes as a key step in a long-term learning process.


We challenge the status quo with data

We thrive on continuous improvement. We value new and bigger ideas based on data and not on bias or status quo. We encourage healthy debate and conflict regardless of role or seniority. Our leaders are accessible and eager to listen.


We empower others to succeed

We are there for each other through great times and tough times, cheering each other on. We value team success over personal glory, acting without ego and committing to team decisions even if we at first disagree. We believe inclusion drives innovation and we thrive on finding common ground across different points of view.


We simplify complicated things

We build tools and features that have a positive impact by making others' and our lives easier. We care about customers', colleagues', and partners' experience. We have a solution mindset and use simple language when sharing information.