Leadership We thrive as one

From the top down, we believe in the power of collaboration and community. We believe in reaching across organisational boundaries to form alliances and learn from different cultures. This commitment to working as one – we call it horizontal leadership – shapes everything we do.

Our structure Wherever we are, we are together

We’re an international company. But just because we’re spread across Europe, that doesn’t mean we’re not united in our approach. Our structure is designed around three uniting principles: effectiveness, scalability and cross-fertilisation. We bring together experts from multiple teams and locations and give them the same end goals. All the while, we empower them to share knowledge and experience through practice networks. That way, we can find the best solutions, together.

Our global management team Taking Prima from strength to strength

George Ottathycal

Chief Executive Officer

Andrea Balestrino

Country Manager - Italy

Massimo Bambini

Chief Pricing & Underwriting Officer

Fabia Bernacchi

Global Head of Communication

Cheryl Brough

Chief People & Culture Officer

Antonella Calogiuri

Head of Legal & Compliance - Italy

Ignacio Castilla

Country Manager - Spain

Nick Ielpo

Country Manager - United Kingdom

Matteo Luischi

Chief Management Officer and Head of Strategy

Mauro Piccinini

Chief Financial Officer

Anuj Pradhan

Chief Product Officer

Anna Sanfilippo

Head of Marketing - Italy