Events Experience the fastlane

Prima events are a leap into the future: technology, keynote speakers from all over the world, live or in streaming, our events are the place to be.

To attract the best talent we are committed to organising up-to-date and engaging events where you can hear the most interesting news, always from an unconventional perspective.

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14 Jun - 14 Jun 2024
Prima Math Fest
CareersInnovativeBusiness development
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5 Mar - 5 Mar 2024
Women in the fast lane

Your career path What’s your next goal?

You may have your sights set on rising up the ranks, or maybe you want to specialise and become a guru in your field. Whatever your role and experience and wherever you see your future, we’re here to help you make it happen. So you can build a fulfilling career and progress as far and as fast as you want.