About us Bringing great experiences and great prices to insurance

For too long, insurance has been a minefield of expensive quotes and complicated policy procedures. But since 2015, we've been using tech to change what’s possible for insurers and their customers. Today, we're one of the industry's biggest successes.

We're Prima Great experience, great price.

In 2015, we set out on a mission to bring customers a great experience and a great price on their insurance. We redesigned and digitised the entire insurance value chain, building our own platforms from scratch on the most advanced tech stack and data.

We've achieved more than 3M customers and €880M in gross written premiums across Europe, with a team of over 900 people.

We operate in partnership with Munich Re and Swiss Re. And we're backed by some of the world's biggest financial institutions: Goldman Sachs and The Blackstone Group. Their investment in us made history as the largest capital fundraising round to date in 2018. In 2022, The Carlyle Group also joined our shareholders.

Our leadership We thrive as one

From the top down, we believe in the power of collaboration and community. We believe in reaching across organisational boundaries to form alliances and learn from different cultures. This commitment to working as one – we call it horizontal leadership – shapes everything we do.

Our journey We’ve been reinventing insurance since 2015


We do the right thing


We go global


We add to our product offering


We hit one million customers


We start selling insurance offline too


We secure huge investment


We bring claims in house


We grow fast


We launch Prima