3 Nov 2020

Press releases Prima Assicurazioni: on air the new “Play it safe” campaign promoting responsible driving

The commercial features Alessandro Borghi and Giacomo Ferrara as ambassadors of excellence

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Prima Assicurazioni, the insurtech company that focuses on motor insurance policies, has aired a new advertising campaign on Italy’s main TV channels. The commercial sees the participation of two exceptional ambassadors, actors Alessandro Borghi and Giacomo Ferrara, and focuses on the dual meaning of the claim “Play it safe” (“Vai sul sicuro”), which promotes responsible driving habits, in compliance with road safety rules, while also encouraging the choice of a sound and reliable insurance company.

The commercial reflects the evolution of Prima Assicurazioni, whose growth in active customers, set to exceed 1 million by the end of 2020, and whose partnerships with major international groups, such as Great Lakes Insurance (Munich Re) and iptiQ Italy and Germany (Swiss Re), have made it one of the most solid and reliable companies on the Italian market.

With this new advertising campaign, Prima Assicurazioni seeks to launch a positive public message, in line with its business vision and with the corporate responsibility culture of an insurance agency.

“With this new advertising campaign, we hope to achieve an important goal. In addition to communicating our services and conveying our identity, we believe that our mission as an insurance company must also be to promote a positive public message for our existing and potential clients, in line with our core values of responsibility and safety. For this reason, we would like to inspire in viewers a safe driving style and a virtuous conduct”, explained Anna Sanfilippo, Prima Assicurazioni Chief Marketing Officer.

The decision to star Borghi and Ferrara, who in the commercial are seen competing in a “fair driving” race, is fully aligned with the company’s values: just like the two actors, Prima Assicurazioni was born and grew up in Italy and, despite its young age, has laid the foundations to achieve increasingly outstanding success going forward. What’s more, the two ambassadors are the faces of the “new” streaming television phenomenon and of the most successful recent TV series, thus representing a form of television that was “born digital” and has become a concrete reality for many Italians, just like the insurtech company. 

The commercial is set in Rome, a true stronghold of Prima Assicurazioni customer base, as well as the site of new offices opened last April, the company’s second headquarters.

The campaign was conceived and designed by Providence Italy (Havas Group). Direction of the commercial, produced by Akita Film, was entrusted to Miguel Usandivaras, an emerging talent on the international scene. Born in Argentina, he has been living in Italy for the past two years.

The commercial

Prima Assicurazioni’s new TV commercial takes place in the centre of Rome, in the EUR district. The two lead characters, Borghi and Ferrara, meet by chance at a traffic light on board their cars. They start egging each other on, allowing the viewer to think that, when the light turns green, they will embark in a reckless street race.

At the highlight of the commercial, when the soundtrack to “Come Prima” begins (a legendary piece by Tony Dallara, published by Sugarmusic S.p.A., in continuity with the old advertising campaign), an unexpected “fair driving” race begins, in full compliance with road safety rules.The commercial lasts 30 seconds.

Production info

Agency: Providence Italy (Gruppo Havas)

Production studio: Akita

Film Commercial director: Miguel Usandivaras

Music & Sound: Screenplay